Dec. 15, 2014 Sisters are Staying!!

(It’s actually not quite the way it sounds. . . .Sister Bateman returns home this Wed. Dec 17.)
Dear all,

We got the best text of our lives on Tuesday 🙂 It was from President Stoker. He was letting us know that our area was staying open, and to sisters 😀 At the beginning of the transfer that was not in the plans; it was going to close. Which is probably one reason why Sister Sumsion and I got put together as we both knew we were being transferred after one transfer together. So now we’ve gotten the privilege of making sure everything is updating and compiling information onto one sheet of paper so that it makes the new sisters’ lives easier and so they can just jump right in to work. We area very grateful for the notice that President gave us. We know of an area losing Sisters but putting in Elders and they found that out on Saturday night.
text 1a


I got to hold a hedgehog on Thursday at a less actives’ house. The hedgehog was much smaller than I thought one would be. pictures are attached. Did you know hedgehogs are a little bit prickly and spikey?

hedgehog 2 sm hedgehog 1sm

:)All transfer long sister Sumsion didn’t talk about going home and then this past week she was on this “last time” kick. This is the laaast time. or the laaaast district meeting. laaast weekly planning session. So that’s been entertaining this past week. Going home still hasn’t really sunk in yet…and the fact that packing needs to happen. no worries it’ll get done but it’s just not as stressful as it has in past transfers.

We got new tires on the car…it drives better now and feels safer especially in the snow…and the alignment is on now which is a big bonus too. We took it in Wednesday morning so it could be worked on while we were in district meeting and the Portsmouth sisters picked us up and took us to the church. Our elders dropped us off to pick it up after lunch with the High Councilman over missionary work. Yay for getting it fixed while we didn’t need it.

We got to go to young womens this week. They were talking about how He Is The Gift and how to share the gift. We took copies of the Book of Mormon and pass along cards that they could use if they wanted and we talked about how to make sharing the gospel natural. It doesn’t have to be super awkward and it’s okay if you don’t know what to say because if they are ready then it will all work out no matter what you say or don’t say.

We went to a concert this week on Saturday. no worries it was at the church and it was Handel’s Messiah. The stake had put together a program with most of the songs and we sang along with some of them and they had some good soloists sing the others. It was neat; I’m not sure I’ve ever heard all/most of Handel’s Messiah.

Something kool: we stopped by a um use-to-be-member-wants-to-come-back. We stop by when we are in the area to share a short message and to talk with him. He has a strong testimony but has hurdles in his life that he needs to climb over. We were planning on sharing the BoM and how it gives us power and strength in our lives to overcome addictions and the adversary. that was the game plan that we went in with well that we had planned as we can’t go inside but we talk on the doorstep. There is another guy who lives there and he usually hides inside somewhere that he can’t hear what’s going on because he’s not interested. But this last time (as we had this plan to talk about the BoM) he felt the desire to come out too and ask questions and talk with us. It was a rather nice conversation asking us why we were the way we were. We know who we are and what we believe and we’re confident about it. So we had the opportunity to reflect a little and then give responses that while yes we did grow up knowing this church/gospel, we each came to a point where we couldn’t rely on anyone else’s belief anymore but had to find out for ourselves and it came through the BoM. see where the lesson plan comes in play? 😉 love when that happens. We challenged him to read the BoM and ask if it is true and if Jesus Christ is our Saviour. Hope he does it.

Well time is short, there’s a lot to do this day. It’s been real, and it’s been fun. And it’s been real fun. Remember! CPR! FHE! TCIT!

-Sister Bateman



Dec. 8, 2014 Rain? Snow? Ice?

Dear all who read this,
Well it rained the other day. Sometimes I wonder about the weather here. It snows and it rains and it freezes and then we get awesome mornings when our car is a huge iceblock…which stinks if we have to be somewhere and we didn’t think about having to thaw our car out after first getting into it.
That was Wednesday morning. 🙂 We had to be at Exeter High School to be on a panel with the Elders, our WML (Bro Larsen), and our PR (Sister Soucy) and our car was a giant icebox. kinda kool. would have been funner if we’d had time to enjoy the ice like “breaking the windows” heating up the car so that the ice isn’t attached to the window anymore and then rolling the window down. then you can break the ice window 🙂 but we just had to chisel it off because we had to be somewhere. But the class was awesome! it was some kind of religion class Religion in the Ages? maybe and so we got to teach the Restoration (very different because it was mostly just information not really the spiritual side and it was longer than what we normally teach nowadays as we try to teach it in 7 minutes) and we answered questions and gave personal examples. The kids (high schoolers) were respectful and had good questions. it was neat.

I’ve been contemplating this week on what the Lord does for us. I’ve had many companions who weren’t able to go and work some of the time because of allergies or sickness. But when we could go out and work the Lord blessed us for doing all we could and we had a productive time while we were out. On the other hand I’ve also had companions who didn’t want to go out all the time and so some of the time was spent inside because of not wanting to go tract and find people to teach. 

While on exchange this week I was here in Exeter with a sister who was coming down with something? we’re not really sure(she doesn’t have any symptoms, but she’s been super tired but we went out and worked in the morning while she wasn’t so tired and we were blessed with three lessons and then she needed to sleep for a while before our dinner appointment. But because we were out and about the Lord was able to bless us for trying and help the people be home.

It’s amazing to see the difference that little things make. To some it might seem so insignificant like no big deal but to the person it could mean the world!
Love you all! Serve someone! even if it is small. CPR! FHE! go to the Temple! Ponder! and SMILE! =]
-Sister Bateman

Dec 1, 2014 Snow! Power?

Dear all,
This week started off with an early Thanksgiving dinner with two families on Monday. The Idells were going to be out of town and not really have Thanksgiving so they had it early and invited us over 🙂
We had exchanges this week and I stayed in my area 🙂 I got Sister Tait from the land east called Portsmouth. Sister Sumsion got to go be part of a trio for a day. Sister Tait and I got the blessed opportunity of taking our car in for a oil change and tire rotation and so we waited there while that was happening. Why can’t they place VIPs (the place we take our car) in better locations where we could walk some place to tract or street contact? Sheesh they should tailor the locations to better accommodate missionaries. 😉
We also taught Stacy the Law of Chastity and the Word of Wisdom and they both went really well. short, simple and blessings galore. She doesn’t have a problem with either one of them. Always a bonus.
Thanksgiving the day you’ve been waiting to hear about. Well it sort of starts with Wednesday. It started snowing on Wednesday a Northeastern. (for those not familiar with New England…they are bad storms) so it started around 2ish. and it was big heavy snowflakes. and it snowed for the rest of the day. Thrusday when we woke up it was really quiet which is weird because usually we turn a fan on to muffle the people above us when we go to bed. and then my companion tried the lights… yep nothing. so sometime between 3:30 (it was on when I woke up) and 6:20 the power went off. kool. so we went about our normal morning routine minus water (well after we used what water still had pressure) and then we left our apartment and went on a hunt for less actives or activeish members that we’d never officially met in Epping. we took microwavable popcorn with us as a gift or a reason to stop by because we have a TON in our apartment. unfortunately, no one was home or didn’t want to answer their door so we didn’t see anyone that morning. But we did see a lot of pretty scenery. 🙂
We went to the Cavarettas well Bro. Cavaretta’s mother’s place for thanksgiving. He’s the only member in his family. but they like missionaries apparently and he invites the missionaries every year to his mom’s. We had all the normal foods.
Later we went to the Larsens’ for dessert and more food…except it was all optional because they knew we were probably full still. which we were but I did have pumpkin pie there. 🙂 The members were great! they knew we didn’t have power when we left and so they made us promise to let them know and tell them the truth if we had power back when we got home or not. Luckily we did have power when we got home, so we didn’t have to try to find someplace to sleep that night. Even though we would have been fine in our apartment, the members didn’t like that idea.
Friday we went to the JSM for the lighting ceremony and while there I see this familiar face but it takes a few seconds to comprehend and then to place where I know these faces from and I knew it had been a while. Joleen Black! and Bro Black! wow it’s been a while and what in the world were they doing in Vermont? We said hi and got a picture for mom. She was up visiting her son who lives in Hanover, New Hampshire(at least I think hanover is in new Hampshire.) that was kool. I also saw the Bryants from Saco Ward which was kool too 🙂
with Jolene Black at JS visitor's Center sm
Most of our plans didn’t work out this week due to the holiday and no one being home to people being sick and then the power outage also.
We did manage to have a planned at the last minute lesson with a guy named Bryant who has family that are members but he’s not and he doesn’t know tons about the church. He sounded very committed to reading the Book of Mormon and praying about it. We hope that he does act and continue to feel that desire to read.
There’s the week in a nutshell. so remember, CPR, FHE, give hugs! SMILE!
Love you all!
-Sister Bateman
snow 2 sm snow 4 sm snow 3 sm snow 1sm

Nov 24, 2014 Massachusetts and Maine

Dear all,

Well this week I felt like I wasn’t in my area much. We had Zone Interviews Wednesday down in Methuen and then I went on exchanges with the Methuen Sisters and I was down there with a sister who has been out for a month, most recently from Arizona and is really enjoying the cold. FYI still hasn’t really snowed here yet.

I was in my area on Tuesday…we decided to spend some time up in an area not too far away but one that we don’t get out to much because we don’t have much info on it. Nottingham is a small town apparently…one that notices if cars are parked on the side of the road…or maybe we just picked a bad spot to park even though it was not in front of anyone’s house just property… you can probably tell where this is leading. Cops got called on us. We’d parked to make a few phone calls before contacting a former investigator or potential investigator we had and then we went to contact it. We heard from the guy we were contacting that one of his nieghbors was concerned about a car sitting there but we went to go contact another potential we had that lived next door to the first guy… well we get half way up the other drive way when we see blue lights… shoot guess we’ll have to contact the other one a different day. So we headed back to our car and get there as the cop has his flashlight out peering into our car. Since I was driving, my license got checked. Gotta love small towns.

Saturday I spent the day in Sanford with Sister Buonforte. She’s also been out about a month, originally from South Carolina but has been living in Orem/Provo area for 6 years going to school. She’s 8 months older than me. We went and played Bingo at a nursing home. The lady I was helping hadn’t played in years…I don’t think she was all with it and probably could see too well either but she was a hoot. We also visited some less actives and had a good heart to heart with one of them just to see what they do believe in and how we can help them.

Yesterday in church we learned about forgiveness and gratitude in sacrament meeting. We seek forgiveness so we can better handle the storms in our lives and forgive so we can be forgiven. And Gratitude is a commandment from God to help bless us. Gratitude vs. Thankfulness- think about it.  Also we had a lesson on this talk

re-watch it or reread it. it’s good. 🙂

Love you all! CPR! FHE! SMILE! TCIT! yep.

-Sister Bateman

**Angela is coming home Dec 17. **

Nov. 17, 2014 Dogs? nope, it’s cats!!

Dear All,

Guess I’d better explain the subject line. On my mission thus far I haven’t had any problems with dogs even though they are everywhere. No really they are everywhere..second (or first) doorbell at most people’s houses. Well, yesterday I was petting a cat named Peanut (apparently it was small when it was a kitten…and now it is definitely not small) and then all of the sudden he bit me. Smack dab in the middle of my hand that’s how big his mouth is like a small tiger! okay just kidding it was on my hand between my thumb and my pointer finger knuckle but that cat does have some good jaw muscles because it hurt!

Our week has been good and busy. On Tuesday we had a meeting in Manchester where we learned our mission vision for 2015 “Rescue 1,000 in 2015” so it comes to be about 20 rescues per unit with the ratio of 15 less actives and 5 converts to rescue. I actually got to see the mission office that evening too. It’s like a normal office. Not sure what I expected to see….top secret rooms with pictures all around underground ya know just like in the spy movies…but no it was very clean and open…there were pictures on the walls but just of missionaries with their trainers the day of their first transfer meeting.

The Primary Program was yesterday. Great thing about being transferred to a new area in the middle of autumn is that I got to see two primary programs this year 🙂 It was adorable as always. They sang a song about Noah that I’d never heard… was that a new song this year or just for our ward? Anybody know what song it is? I really liked it-it was catchy.

So we’ve been tracting and visiting less actives and we don’t go home ever from the time we leave the apartment til like 9 just how they tells us in the MTC…I’ve now gone tracting in the dark since it gets dark about 4-4:30 now…kinda creepy. No worries we do it safely. We are NEVER home because we’re trying to keep this area alive for sisters. With 18 sisters going home in December and 0 coming out, sister areas are closing. Since Sister Sumsion and I are “dying” together soon, it’s likely that this area would be one of the ones closing. So we had a chat with President and for him to consider not closing this area he said we would have to get 15 lesson a week. So that’s what we’re working towards is getting a lot of lessons and working more and more with the ward because they want to keep their sisters too…hope they still include the elders while focusing on us. 🙂

That’s about it. The Gospel is true and blesses individuals and families if you allow it to. Go to Church! Pray lots! and mean it! talk to Father about anything- tell him a story, your hopes/dreams, or something that made you sad. Read your Scriptures! get revelation 🙂 Smile at people! Listen to others! Laugh! Have a fabulous week!

-Sister Bateman


Nov. 10, 2014 Media Splits

Dear all,

First things first…I can’t type today my fingers are very cold…maybe i wont correct my spelling… MY companion’s name is Sister Sumsion (like consumption without the con) This is her third area (8 transfers at the JSM and 4 in Somersworth,NH [5,4,3 wasn’t straight JSM]) She’s been out 17 months and she’s from American Fork. She is number 3 out of 6 kids…5 girls 1 boy (he’s number4). . If you look on facebook you may find some pictures of us together as they should be all over because of the media splits. Speaking of which yall should jouin the new hampshire manchester mission page. you can find out who all is coming out or going home and meet other msision parents might be kinda fun. yep the bad spelling is coming out…at least the ones I don’t really care about I have corrected a few.
This week we’ve been stopping by members in our area. We both need to get to know them better. We’re a little worried this area will be closed in December because it is a little slow so we’re working on getting this area to pick up. Hopefully we can get it to a place in 6 weeks that maybe it won’t close to sisters.
Media Splits was this weekend. we spent a lot of time raking leaves. We’re really good at putting the leaves on a tarp and dragging it out to the woods to dump… great comp unity. 🙂 We helped at a food pantry sorting different cans of food that the scouts brought in from the food drive.  A highlight was we went to a Stake activity for 14+ years of age–The Harvest ball…this years theme was 50s Soc hop(sp?)…no we didn’t dance. Our elders(zone leaders) told us that as long as we were helping out with it we could be there since it was at our building. So they did food. someone had red bowties for them and half size aprons and funny little hats and they went around for a while with trays of food offering it to people. Then they made desserts (rootbeer floats and softserve stuff on top of brownies) Sister Sumsion and I ran the penny candy “store” the pennies used were found all over the tables. Super fun! and there are a lot of fabulous dancers in the Exeter Stake.
Funny story or ironic. When sister Sumsion was in Somersworth there was a less active that she saw a couple of times. She was looking through our ward list and saw the same name so we went out to check it out and lo and behold it was the same guy. very interesting.
We got a new investigator this week out in North Hampton. He’s 18 years old and wicked busy with work and PT (he’s planning on going into the Air National Guard in January if I remember correctly) but he seems genuinely interested. He wants religion in his life even though his family has never been interested in religion.
I was reading Ether 5-6 this morning and thought it was kool how there is a chapter just for Joseph Smith smack dab in the middle of the Jardite’s story. and then in Ether 6 it just puts a whole new meaning on food storage… for your pets too. I also loved how much faith those people had. they litereally put their lives in God’s trust. They had absolutely no control over where they were going if they were going to live and how long they’d have to be in the barges. The people sat and sang praises all 344 days. Not sure if I could do that. But then again my companion and I talked abotu this during comp study and there are thigns now days that they coulnd’t imagine facing either so it’s all even in the end and all the experiences that we go through are for our growth and also to help other people.
Love you all! CPR TCIT FHE! Do Family History! 🙂 SMILE! Jump up and down…but only if you are cold… jk you don’t have to do that.. 🙂 Endure to the end! just keep swimming just keep swimming…is Dory in your head now?
-Sister Bateman

Nov. 3, 2014 Snow and rain

Dear All,
This week was interesting. Yesterday we went to church and it wasn’t too cold but just before meetings started it was raining and then during church it started snowing! eeek! But no worries it didn’t stick and it was only snowing for a couple of hours here but it was enough incentive for me to unpack my winter coat and boots.
Another incentive for me to unpack my winter coat was that I’m not being transferred. Sister Kotter is though. On the bright side for her she knows where she’s going and who her companions are. yep companionS. she’s going into a trio and she’s only going to be 19 miles away…still in the same district. So I’ll still see her every week. I’ll let you know next week who my new companion is; I get her tomorrow at transfer meeting even though Sister Kotter is going straight to Portsmouth.
This week was exciting! We had district p-day and it was Halloween themed. We carved pumpkins and ate some candy. Sister Kotter made pumpkin chocolate chip cookies… did you know you can make it using three ingredients? pumpkin, spice cake mix, and chocolate chips… tastes the same. My pumpkin was a little Pokémon. well that’s what it turned out to kinda look like so I went with it. picture included.
We went visiting teaching with a member Monday night to a member in a nursing home. We didn’t know anything about her sad thing is that she doesn’t remember a whole lot but the nursing home takes good care of her.
Tuesday Sister V.Brown and I found some service for a lady…we went fishing! nope not for fish or any kind of food but for garbage and we used a hoe… and instead of water it was bushes. It was really fun…sad part was the garbage that won (there was the most of it) was the blue can of bud light beer. Sad that there were cans and bottles and cups in the weeds/bushes. But it was entertaining…and we did it in skirts 🙂
Wednesday there was the ward trunk or treat 🙂 and a chili cook off with judges even. It was kool. Members invited their friends, someone found out about it from a neighbor who I don’t think was a member and didn’t come but down the chain they came which was really neat on their part to come to something and not know anyone there. No worries someone quickly took them under the wing and made them feel welcome.
Thursday we went and saw our investigator. She’s coming along slowly but surely. She has a lot of health problems that are distracting progression-wise but it’ll happen sometime. She feels and recognizes the spirit.
Sister Tucker and I got to rake leaves for a member that afternoon and boy do they have a ton of leaves! Sadly we didn’t have time to finish all of it as we had to be out of their neighborhood/town by like 5 because this area or maybe a lot of areas in the east have it set that trick or treat is from 5-7 and you have to look online to see what day and time your town does it at. that was different to have trick or treating on a day that wasn’t Halloween…but it makes it easy to town hop-one town one day another town the next…
Sister Kotter and I delivered cookies to some people with a thank you note before we had to be in on Friday… yay for deep clean Halloween…except this year it was weekly planning Halloween…doesn’t quite have the same ring to it…
Daylight Savings time! yay the one time a year missionaries can sleep longer…except I was wide awake at what my body thought was 6:30 so the sleeping in didn’t really happen 🙁 oh well 😀
I have the lovely privilege of speaking next sunday on my oldest niece’s b-day (happy birthday Aurora) my topic is How studying the scriptures brings me closer to Jesus Christ. for 15 minutes… This is the second time that I have the privilege of giving a talk in New England (not including when they call me up to bear my testimony). The other time was in Rockland on mother’s day. yeah we’ll see how it goes.. I’ll report back next week.
Well Happy November. SMILE = spiritually minded is life eternal! CPR! FHE! oh and favor to ask. Our mission is doing a media split again this weekend thurs-sun(nov6-9) so post pictures of missionaries in New England and use #hashtags. so like #lds or #iamamormon or #socialmediasplit there were a few more that I’d heard but they didn’t make it on the flier so I don’t remember them. Flood the Earth!
Love you all!
-Sister Bateman
Jack-o-lantern sm Missionary Halloween sm

Oct. 27, 2014 Stake Conference take 2

Dear All,
This week was awesome! Monday evening we got to help set up for zone conference with a few families and then finish reading the BoM together.Moroni 10! (as that was our challenge from President to read the entire BoM from Sept 10 to Oct 21)  It was so kool! We pushed couches together so it was like a living room and we all took turns reading a verse and if anyone had a comment or question then we would stop and discuss. Tons of insight!
Tuesday we had zone conference! It was all about the BoM even though the last zone conference with Elder Wilson was about that too. Guess it’s super important or something 😉 This time we went over using 2Ne 2 to teach/review the Plan of Salvation. Super fun!
Immediately after zone conference we went on exchanges (saves on time and miles). I stayed in my area and got Sister Gillies (to pronounce it ignore the e) Sister Kotter went down to Methuen area. Our ward is trying this member missionary class and it started last week and it was Tuesday evening…so we stayed at the church ALL day.  the class went well this week was mostly just a run down of what’s going to take place the next couple of Tuesday night classes. it what the what to expect and why we’re doing this. Bro.Larsen our ward mission leader is in charge of it. we’re there for moral support and to do real(role) plays with.
Wednesday Sister Gillies and I got to paint 🙂 we painted a room at a member’s house and chat with her while we did so. ah I love service!
Saturday and Sunday were stake conference here in the Exeter Stake. 🙂 5 weeks ago I had stake conference in the Augusta Stake. Elder Larry Y. Wilson and Elder Alvin F. Meredith III came to stake conference…two general authorities…that being said, We got a new Stake Presidency. The last stake president was in our ward and the new stake president is from our ward..and his councilors are bishops from Georgetown and Methuen…so I guess they are getting new bishoprics her pretty soon.
That’s about it! Happy Halloween on Friday! Don’t get too crazy. and still as always, CPR and have FHE….don’t freeze… and enjoy the outdoors. Love you all!
-Sister Bateman

Oct. 20, 2014 All Over

Dear Family and whoever else,
This week was exciting. On Tuesday my companion and I went with our Elders to a meeting in Manchester New Hampshire… weird we’re only half hour away from there. crazy! President at the end of the meeting gave kool insight on the Healing Power of the Atonement. it was really neat.. if you want to hear more about it…write me letter then I’ll remember to write one back to you as I have more time to write letters than I do email.
Wednesday night I went to Georgetown, Massachusetts to spend the day of Thursday with Sister Tucker while Sister Wray came to Exeter. It poured on us! We got utterly drenched! and I always forget to take pictures so there isn’t a picture of us looking like drowned rats. sorry for the disappointment. 🙂 I did get to go to early morning seminary because the teacher asked us to help her with one part. so that was definitely different… I’m pretty sure we were more awake than the kids.
Friday! did I tell you last week that we found service at a thrift store? well we did. It’s cute. I guess we just clean and organize clothes and whatever they need us to do. It’s for another church can’t remember which one though in Newmarket. Sister Kotter and Sister Wray went there Thursday to get acquainted and then Sister Kotter and I went on Friday.
We found a salamander in our apartment one evening when we got home…small thing but makes us wonder if it can get in our apartment what else can? picture included
Salamander sm
Saturday was fun. Stake Conference is next weekend so in like 5 days. and since our building is the stake center we want it to look nice. 🙂 We got to help clean up the building-raking leaves out of bushes, pulling weeds/little trees. So nice doing manual labor and wearing jeans and working alongside ward members. And we put a lot of the trimmings in a member’s truck and at first they were just tossing them in…well that’s not going to hold a lot that way so I climbed up there to stomp them down 😀 it was fun.
Sunday there was a special fireside for investigators, less actives, and recent converts. President Stoker was the speaker and it was held over at the Joseph Smith Memorial chapel in South Royalton, Vermont. After much tribulation and stress over rides and who all was going we made it just in time for the fireside. Unfortunately we didn’t get there in time for a little tour at the monument but it was still good. We hope that Katie liked it. The JSM is a 2 hour drive from my area. It was very different going through Vermont again. It’s been since last December that I’ve been in that state and since the end of November since I’ve been to the JSM. It is more hilly and in a few spots you could see for a ways instead of not being able to see anything because of trees…don’t get me wrong about Vermont there are still a ton of trees but sometimes you are up higher so you can see farther because it has “mountains”. President talked about the life of Joseph Smith and more about the history of his life and in translating the Book of Mormon which took 60-75 days to translate and the bible making 2400 corrections in it. wow. And a quote from Emma that Joseph wasn’t even able to write or dictate a complete sentence. no way that he could write a book that was 531 pages long.
Anyways there’s the highlights of the week. oh picture of my apartment building it’s a fourplex and then Sister Kotter, Katie, and I at the chapel in Vermont. (I love her hair!)
Apartment sm JSM sm
Love you all! CPR! FHE! go reread general conference. Smile at someone! make their day 🙂
-Sister Bateman

Oct 13, 2014 Week 3

Dear all,

Well a lot happened this week guess we’ll start at the beginning.
Monday night I was privileged to go back to Maine to spend the day of Tuesday with Sister Blume up in Sandford which was about 20-30 minutes from Saco…the areas border each other. So that was nice being back in Maine..there’s a different feeling to Maine than New Hampshire. Tuesday we tried a few people and one of the ladies Lori that we tried was asking questions and is interested in learning more. yay so they have a new investigator always a nice thing I’m happy for those sisters. By Tues evening I was back in my area. 🙂 Home Sweet Home.
Friday we got to do service with one of the missionaries over Zion’s Camp (girl’s camp) first we helped mark some trails that they’d done for the city of Raymond as a service project but it might have been confusing so we went and hiked some to help clarify with ribbons tied to clothes pins and then put on a tree…that’s how they were asked to mark it, clever right?
The next thing we got to do to help her was we went through a cemetery and marked which way the plot was facing for the most part north, south, east, west. to help the caretaker find things easier I guess. Kinda fun snooping around the cemetery looking at old headstones. Glad she gave us an excuse to go in one. They are all over out here in the East.
And then I actually got to go to the girl’s camp. apparently during the summer the sisters help out once a week when girls are actually here so Sister Kotter got to help out a few times. ah I love girl’s camp! This one was a fixed up boys camp turned into girl’s camp so they can swim in the lake but it’s not a private lake and it’s big. We got to do a few things to help winterize it. like pull curtains down to be washed and take batteries out of the fire alarms in the cabins…not sure why they have to have a fire alarm as they are dinky just 4 walls and 4 sets of bunk beds.
Saturday we got invited to a member’s kids’ 4 year old birthday party they had big blow up things…whatever they are called and adults could go down the slide…so we did.
President and Sister Stoker came to our ward yesterday and talked about….Missionary Work! weird that they would pick that topic as they are over this mission. They were the speakers in sacrament meeting and also they did the 3rd hour. It was good…
Time’s up we are doing a church tour for a group coming in and we’re emailing at the church today because of the holiday.
Love you all! Go rewatch/read Conference! CPR! FHE!!!! 😀 Give your mom a hug! 😉
-Sister Bateman
so here are some pictures

so we went down the slide…

Sliding sm Sliding bottom sm
and a HUGE spider we found last week outside our door to the backyard…
Spider sm